Wood Icing® Textura Paste

Product Description

Textura Paste is a water-based acrylic product which has the color & consistency of peanut butter. Apply with a trowel or spread with a spatula, then create designs using stamps, mesh, lace, and numerous other materials to create embedded pattern. Another option is to trowel Textura Paste through a stencil for an embossed design.

You may apply Textura Paste on any sealed or painted surface or apply directly onto bare or unfinished wood. On unsealed wood, an embossed design, once it has been stained, creates the illusion of real carved wood.

The Textura Paste should be allowed to dry overnight to a hard crispy surface, then sand to remove the high spots and clean up the surface. Stain, glaze or paint. Once the project is complete, apply two to three layers of protective topcoats.

Clean up with soap and water.

Coverage rates are dependent on the thickness with which the medium is applied.  The following are meant as a guide only:
Gallon = 64 sq ft coverage
Quart = 16 sq ft coverage
1/2 Pint (8oz) = 4 sq ft coverage

Gallons available by special order only.

$ 18.35

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