Wood Icing® Fissure Size

Product Description

Wood Icing® Fissure Size is applied under Wood Icing® Textura Paste, causing the paste to crack as it dries. Apply Fissure Size, and allow to dry until the medium is clear.  You will notice separation In the sizing as it dries.  Apply Textura Paste. Cracks will form as the paste drys. This is a slow drying process so never fear, the paste WILL crack.  You will have more cracks with a thin application of paste, however, chunky finishes with thicker application of paste will still crack.

Technique Tip:  This crackle medium will also work with Chalk Paint®

Approximate Coverage Per Container
* 75 sq ft. coverage per Quart
* 18 sq ft. coverage per 8oz


$ 14.65

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