Weatherwood "Salvage" Reactive Wood Stain

Product Description

Weatherwood "Salvage" Reactive Wood Stain is excellent for high tannin woods, like Douglas Fir, Redwood, Walnut, Locust, and Red Cedar.

Use to create a lightly aged look for exterior woods. Rather than staining wood, Weatherwood's Salvage stain oxidizes it as nature would. Salvage has an inherent UV and water protectant- so you can apply the stain and walk away -or- apply a topcoat if that's your preference.

Though the product does not contain any harmful VOCs, pigments, dyes, or toxins, it is not formulated for hardwoods. The stained suggested wood species may be used in exterior or interior, depending on preference.

  • "Salvage" is industrial quality suitable for commercial use.
  • Water-based.
  • Reactive to wood tannins.
  • VOC free, toxin free, earth friendly.
  • Contains no dyes, pigments or colorants.
  • EXTERIOR topcoat should be used. "Salvage" has an inherent UV and water protectant- that works with your topcoat to portect and maintain the weathered colors.
  • INTERIOR should have topcoat on high touch surfaces like floors, cabinetry and flooring. It can be sealed with the finish of your choice.
  • UNIFORMITY: Because Weatherwood Reactive Stain is based on the natural tannins within the wood itself, resulting oxidation wood coloration, darkness, and possibly hue will vary from board to board creating a beautiful and natural display. If you are uncertain this is the look you want, we recommend purchasing 8oz to create mock ups.

Gallon and 5 gallon containers available by special order only.

$ 7.00

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