Weatherwood "Reclamation" Reactive Wood Stain

Product Description

Weatherwood "Reclamation" reactive wood stain creates many different colors Based on Wood Species. That means your end color is a result of the type of wood you're using!  Suitable for hardwoods, soft woods, veneers, & reclaimed wood, the stained reaction will usually become a shade of GRAY. "Reclamation" is industrial quality suitable for commercial use.      

  • Water-based.
  • Reactive to wood tannins.
  • VOC free, toxin free, earth friendly.
  • Contains no dyes, pigments or colorants.
  • EXTERIOR topcoat should be used. RECLAMATION has an inherent UV and water protectant- that works with your topcoat to portect and maintain the weathered colors.
  • INTERIOR should have topcoat on high touch surfaces like floors, cabinetry and flooring. It can be sealed with the finish of your choice.
  • Suitable for hardwoods, soft woods, veneers, reclaimed wood and most tropical woods.

 UNIFORMITY: Because Weatherwood Reactive Stain is based on the natural tannins within the wood itself, resulting oxidation wood coloration, darkness, and possibly hue will vary from board to board creating a beautiful and natural display. If you are uncertain this is the look you want, we recommend purchasing 8oz to create mock ups.

Gallon and 5 gallon containers available by special order only.

$ 7.00

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