Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax

Product Description

Annie Sloan chose these soft waxes to compliment and seal your newly painted piece. The clear and dark waxes work well with the Chalk Paint® in that there is no discoloration after sealing and they deliver a gorgeous finish with a luxurious feel. The texture of the wax itself makes it easy to work with.

Technique Tip: Apply a thin layer of wax with a natural bristle brush, covering all of the surface evenly. IMMEDIATELY remove the excess wax with a soft dry cloth until dry to the touch.  Wait at least an hour between coats of two coats of wax.  Finally, allow the second coat to dry, then buff to desired sheen with a a clean lint-free towel. 

Don't forget to add Soft Wax to your Chalk Paint® order!  Also available in "Black", "Dark Brown" and "White".

Although Artworks Northwest would love to be your source for "All Things Annie", you are encouraged to visit or our US distributor,, to find a retailer near you.

$ 24.95

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