"Skimstone Basics" Decorative Concrete Overlay Workshop

Product Description

With SkimStone, you can transform your ordinary surface into a work of art!

Originally designed as an overlay for unsealed concrete floors, SkimStone bonding primer makes this product also suitable for sealed surfaces: laminate countertops, glass, fireplace surrounds, hearths, mantels, shower surrounds, columns and walls have all been enhanced and transformed using SkimStone. 

SkimStone offers an exciting alternative to traditional paints and stains, is more predictable than acid stains, and more economical than many natural materials. It's unique beauty and tough surface are ideal for both homes and public spaces. 

The decorative finishing system provides an organic, textured look that's extremely durable - indoors and out. All it takes is a three-step application and a few simple tools to achieve one-of-a-kind results. With over 30 colorants available the artist can create a myriad of color combinations as well as mixing colorants for custom matching.

You will be introduced to proper surface preparation, product mixing ratios and traditional/transitional application techniques on two 24"x24" sample boards in our workshop.  

Wear paint clothes and bring a snack as we will work through the lunch hour.

$ 195.00