"Room Recipes for Style and Color" Book by Annie Sloan

Product Description

Discover your ideal style with Annie Sloan’s Room Recipes for Style and Color.

Written with her son Felix, this is Annie’s first purely interior style book. In it, she discusses nine of the key interior design styles, describing what makes up each style—but it’s personal, too, as Annie and Felix talk about what aspects they like best about them. It’s also a practical guide, as Annie gives her advice throughout on how you can use her paint techniques, as well as other ways, to achieve these looks in your own home.

Discover what colors work best to create a cohesive style: for example, “imperial” colors for Neoclassical, of deep reds, blues, and purples, plus bold black, white, and gold, or for Coastal, explore the whole range of blues—navy blue, ocean blue, sky blue—but also light sea greens and oyster grays, and even red and white stripes, echoing the stripes on lighthouses and sea-channel buoys. Learn, too, the other key features—the Warehouse look adopts industrial furniture and lighting, Bohemian style brings together clashing cultures and colors, and a Rustic feel is easily obtained with distressed and weathered textures throughout an interior.

Including stunning commissioned photography by Christopher Drake from the UK, Sweden, Amsterdam, and France, this is a simply inspirational book for any lover of Annie Sloan’s interiors.

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