SOLD OUT!..."Old White" Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

Product Description

The color of chalk and gesso, a soft white without pink or yellow in it. A color which works with everything, but for the quintessential French look use it over Paris Grey. We also suggest adding it to the other colors to make them the exact tone for your room.

Technique Tip:  Old White is the most versatile color in the entire palette of Chalk Paint® colors.  Use it in combination with all of the other colors to create pastels. We make swatches in our portfolio of the different values for future reference.  Mixed 50/50 with Pure White, the color is called "original".

Although Artworks Northwest would love to be your source for "All Things Annie", you are encouraged to visit or our US distributor,, to find a retailer near you.

$ 34.95 $ 38.95

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