"Creating the French Look" Book by Annie Sloan

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Paint expert Annie Sloan presents inspirational ideas and 25 step-by-step projects to create the French look.

France is a great source of inspiration to Annie—many of her Chalk Paints ® are key colors in French décor and named accordingly: Arles, Antibes Green, Provence, Aubusson Blue, Paris Grey, amongst others. Her fabrics, too, are sourced from France and Belgium, including Toile de Jouy, tickings and stripes, linen, and floral patterns. So it is a place that is dear to her heart—she even has a house in rural France—and here she shares the secrets of achieving that style in your own home.

In part one, The Looks, Annie takes you through the different French styles by period and region: Château—Rococo and Neoclassical; Country—Manoir and Rural; Provence—Luberon and Riviera; and Paris—Bohemian and Coco Haute Couture. By doing this, you can learn the essentials elements of the French look: colors, fabrics, and key features.

Then move onto part two, The Rooms. Here Annie explores the four main rooms of the house: Living Room, Kitchen and Dining Room, Bedroom and Bathroom, and Garden. For each one, she explains how each French style treated them, showing the crossover between the styles, and, most importantly, gives advice on how to adapt these looks to a modern home. You can then try the step-by-step projects, which include creating paint effects—try a crackle varnished console table, an armoire with stenciled doors, or country washed wood—but also ways to work with fabric, such lining walls with fabric or making ruffled slip-over pillow covers.

Whatever interior you desire, this book will guide your choices and how to achieve them, whether you prefer to evoke the vibrant colors of the Riviera, the grandeur of the classic château, or chic Parisian décor.

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