What is the best way to apply Annie Sloan Lacquer?

Annie Sloan Lacquer is a water-based varnish that is particularly good on interior wood and concrete floors that have been painted with Chalk Paint®.

Annie Sloan Lacquer should be applied with a quality sponge roller and/or brush.  Stir well before using and during use.  Apply two thin coats for even sheen and durability.  A small amount of water (up to 10%) can be added to the Lacquer for the first coat.  Let the first coat dry one to two hours before recoating, and leave the final coat to dry overnight before walking on it.

As a rough guide, one litre of Annie Sloan Lacquer covers approximately 100 – 125 square feet, but this will vary according to the absorbency of the floor.  It is not suitable for areas of high water such as bathrooms.

When dry, it gives a beautiful matte finish with a slight sheen for added strength.