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For the past year we have been hosting free demo days the first Saturday of the month. These have been wildly successful. People are all-to-happy to gather some information for free. These need to be well planned as we have limited time with each crowd. We thought you might enjoy a peak into the brain of our most recent demo presenter - our very own Carol Herrmann. This lady is very talented when it comes to discovering new ways to use old products... she calls herself a creative problem solver, and that is just what she did with a couple of clear glass plates from the dollar store, some webbing spray, and metallic leaf.


Well, my friends, you missed a fabulous, FREE demo last Saturday (December 1, 2012). Fun was had by all! But in order to have fun I had to get my creative self organized. Here are 4 steps to a successful demonstration:

  • Pick an exciting topic: OK, we did that - Painting on Glass. Now... what to demonstrate on? Since I have several demo times I need to have several of the same item. After some shopping around and brain storming I settled on the perfect item. Glass plates from the dollar store! It's not the theme window designs at the local market, although those are lovely, these Libby glass plates are transformed! When complete they will be festive and full of sparkle, glam, gold, silver, and/or copper. They could make a great gift, especially if they are accompanied with frosted sugar cookies.
  • Of course in order for this to be a true success I need to market the event ahead of time. As part of our marketing ploy, and to encourage early registration, we offered a door prize drawing from the names of those pre-registered. Our prize? One of the plates I finish during the demos! Two birds with one stone!
  • Time Management: I did some of my steps in advance. Nobody wants to watch paint dry - besides, I don't know that many jokes. So, I had plates finished at each stage of the design. This allowed me to demonstrate and keep moving forward.
Some examples for viewing and products being used during the demonstration are displayed and ready to sell.
  • Know your products: I have so many amazing products on my studio shelves. Let me see... where can I use this glow-in-the-dark iridescent powder? If I can't use it on this project, I'm fairly certain I can use it on the next!... Perhaps I could use my glass plate as a night light....?
  • Audience Participation: This step makes for an interesting demo and gives the "students" more of an interactive experience rather than a lecture. I know I need to make color decisions, but sometimes I just can't do it and need to take some suggestions from my co-workers. They always have great ideas too! So, during the demo when I couldn't decide between Annie's Napoleonic Blue or Old Violet, I polled the audience. (It is important to give them the illusion of involvement.) ;) Some liked the royal blue that Napoleonic portrays and others liked the grayed down purple of Old Violet. After a vote, (of which I participated in... and carried more weight than any other voter from the audience... ha ha ha) - Old Violet won! (And may I say, it looked smashing with the silver metallic snow flake in the middle of that glass plate! It doesn't hurt that Old Violet is one of my favorites in the library of Chalk Paint™ colors!)
Fabulous!! Thank you, Old Violet and silver leaf and webbing, for your generous contribution to this once "plain Jane" glass plate.
  • The four finished plates are lovely. The techniques and products demonstrated are too numerous to mention. Clear glass is abundant! And, 3/16" tempered glass with sanded edges in a rectangle cut would make a fantastic center piece for a table. You can also use it for candles or cheese and crackers or a fruit tray... the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!
As promised, we held our drawing on the following Monday. Our lucky winner was Kathy Dompier! She came down to the studio and chose one of the 4 plates we had finished during the three demos. She chose my favorite! The Florence/Napoleonic Blue plate with gold leaf embellishments.
That's it, in a nutshell. We enjoy our demo days and appreciate all the people who come to learn. Look for more demos in 2013. We're busy planning one for every first Saturday! Check out our website for the calendar (after January 1) of upcoming demos and watch our facebook page for specific announcements.

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