Custom Fun: A mish mash of stuff


OK - ya know what? We're just like most of you. Sometimes we forget to take "Before" pictures... or we forget to send them to me - the blogger/graphic designer. But, it's ok. Today, I'm going to show you a mish mash of stuff we've been up to. All of these projects have been completed by our muralist and faux finisher, Peggy Best. She's awesome! Take a look at what she's been up to the past three weeks.

Remember the restoration project we blogged about a few weeks ago (the one with all the smoke damage and Peggy on the high, high, high scaffold)? This is a photo of one of the bathroom vanities she glazed. Isn't the architecture GORGEOUS?!

custom bathroom vanity

The following mural was done in one of the bedrooms in an adult group home.

mural in adult home

Our next featured client wanted a faux niche above this fine furniture. I love how the bricks fade out... she's talented I tell you!

faux brick mural

That same client wanted Peggy to transform this beautiful armoire. Love the unexpected color inside.


custom amoire finish

Here we had a painted fire place surround. The clients wanted it a bit softer. She glazed each brick - looks totally natural!

faux painted brick to look like natural stone

This is a custom painting. The "before" of this picture can be seen in any art store that carries blank canvases. ;)

custom artwork

And this is what it looks like above her mantle! AMAZING!

custom artwork above the mantel

How's that for a mish mash?

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