Custom Fun: Back Porch Repair


The summertime season is synonymous with porch living. Whether you're rocking in the swing, lounging in a chair sipping lemonade, or chatting on the steps with a neighbor, the porch is the place to both start the day or close it out. It seems great neighborhoods are made around porches.  So we were thrilled to help this family restore their back porch when they came to us. Located in an historic neighborhood, this porch had seen many seasons, summer BBQ's, parties, and lazy days. The four distinct seasons had taken their toll on the concrete steps and walls. It was time for intercession and repair!

Weather and use have left the wall cap and patio floor damaged.

This winding switchback was the perfect way to get the concrete and tools up to the job site.

Once the product and tools were unloaded and the work area set up, John, Paul, and Jake removed the failing cap.

Next, they used a grinder to remove the heaves and smooth the uneven surface.

Larger cracks were repaired and patched with a cement patch.

Once the surface was prepared they moved on to the wall. Forms were built to enclose the bricks that had been protected from the weather.

Forms are built to hold the new concrete.

Once the concrete has been poured, plastic is used to cover the fresh cement to ensure even cure.

With the patio and wall ready for color, the boys began acid staining. The end result will yield years of watching children play, sipping iced tea, and rocking the summer nights away.

finished patio looking out to street
The new surface and beautiful color enhances the view.
This backyard invites the garden enthusiast, afternoon-siesta-taker, and good-book-reader!
finished porch
The newly finished patio is just waiting for the perfect furniture to get back into the swing of summer living.
On to the next one. Summer and outdoor weather are fleeting and not long enough for the homes that need help! Stay tuned for more.

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  • Kim Smith