Custom Fun: Historic Restoration


Our Peggy has been working out of the studio for what seems like EVER! She's been deep in a project restoring an historic home. Take a look at this beauty built in the early 1900's.

This home has three stories AND a basement. It consists of four bedrooms, maids quarters (complete with separate stairway for "the help"), a sitting room off of the master bedroom, and a ballroom. There is a grand entrance, circular dining room, and breakfast room. These people knew what they were doing when they built this beautiful home so long ago.

So, what brings Artworks to such a lovely home as this? Fire. They experienced a very slow burning electrical fire that mainly caused lots of smoke damage. In fact the fire was such a low smolder no water was needed to extinguish it - however IT WAS HOT! The paint was melting off the walls and the combination of that and smoke damage caused the wall to look like a sepia toned mural of the mountains. The homeowners are so fortunate to have caught it in time. A home like this is a true treasure!

To restore it to it's original glory Peggy has been working with Marcea Seimears, the lead designer. There are notebooks dedicated to each floor categorized by room. Peggy has been working on the main entry (over 14,000 square feet of walls), all the doors (20), all the woodwork, and the stair risers. She is also glazing in the dining room.

Comfortable with heights... good thing!

The finished stairway.

Over 20 doors coming off the entry way.

Customized radiator coverings with decorative relief.

Peggy is also glazing the circular dining room. These walls get a bit of a different finish - a strie in the light antiqued glaze.

The columns have decorative relief embellishments.

Once all of this is finished she will move on to a mural in the entry powder room as well as glazing the cabinetry for most of the bathrooms.

We'll keep you posted as this project ensues.

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  • Kim Smith