Custom Fun: Curb Appeal


Take a look at this recent custom concrete overlay job we finished.

The homeowners had a previous overlay job done with a stamped rock finish. After several years of freezing, thawing, and "ice-melt", the overlay began delaminating and failing. In an effort to repair and beautify once again, the couple contacted us to fix it.

Here are the before pictures:

Above is a close up of the effected area.

Another view of the front porch.

Our guys patched the problem area to bring it back up to level. There was still sealer around the outer edges of the porch, so they prepped that concrete with a special bonding product and proceeded to cover the entire porch with another overlay. This time, rather than stamping the concrete, John hand carved stones in the finish. They then colored the concrete and sealed it.

Below is the finished product!

The finished product. There is no comparison!

A close up of the color and stone shapes.

Another set of satisfied customers! Now, on to the next outdoor job! The season is too short for all the concrete that needs attention!! Until next time, prepare to be inspired.

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  • Kim Smith