A Design Story: Studio 8


Being a decorative arts studio we have a design story for every room! So from time to time we will feature one of our own rooms as a design story. You're lucky! Today we will feature the front office!

When we first leased this space the floors were wall-to-wall carpet.

This is fine for most... but we have a vision...

We started by ripping that out! We wanted to feature unique flooring options in each room, so this one got tongue and groove maple flooring with marquetry staining. Once the flooring was laid we applied the modello stencil pattern.

A seamless pattern was chosen to give the floor wall-to-wall beauty.

We began a process of staining and removing layers of the stencil, therefore the areas we wanted to be darkest were removed first and each layer of stain was applied to the entire floor. The stains we used complimented the overall color scheme used on the walls throughout the studio. This particular office has a celadon shade of green.

Step by step... lots of "let's catch up on our personal lives" time.

With the floor complete we moved on to furniture. We needed a desk for "reception", a counter for customers, cabinets for storage, and shelves to house our design library. Once again we went out to our back forty and found some beautiful reclaimed lumber. The cabinets and library shelves were faced with this gorgeous wood. Everything received a clear coat.

The dark finish of the reclaimed wood is a rich compliment to the lighter colors of the floor and countertop.

Now, on to the countertop. Of course we used one of our overlay systems for this element. We chose the Aurastone finish "Saturnia" for it's subtle beauty and classic stone look.

And finally we began finishing the custom-designed desk and sideboard. These pieces received a combination of stain, glaze, paint, and plaster to mimic tooled leather.

The "tooled leather" finish using modello stencil, acrylic plaster, and glaze.

Voila! The finished office...

Feel free to stop in sometime and see it for yourself. After 3 years of daily use and traffic, the office is holding up beautifully.

Stay tuned for more interjected Studio 8 design stories.

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  • Kim Smith