A Design Story: Giving Back


Welcome back! It's FRIDAY(!!) and we have another design story for you.

Thanksgiving is in the air. The calendar turns from October to November and we turn our hearts toward gratitude and sharing, toward helping others and including those in need. Our table finds room for one more place setting. Businesses abound with opportunities to help those less fortunate. That being said, when we were approached in October to help with the remodel of Mid City Concerns/Meals on Wheels it was a perfect fit!

Mark Peterson from Extreme Team KXLY inquired about donating a mural on one of the walls for the downtown headquarters, the current Extreme Team project. At the time the idea was to have the mural surrounding a magnetic board - going for an industrial look. The wall color was unknown. He gave us free reign on the concept for the mural. Peggy, our resident muralist, thought maybe a city scape.

As the project neared Peggy made a stop at the site to look at the overall space and get a feel for where the mural would go. She spoke with Molly, the director of Meals on Wheels, to get a little more info about what might be happening in the space. She took one of their newsletters for inspiration about the company and noticed their logo has the clock tower, pavilion, and big red wagon from Riverfront Park.

Considerations: The mural needed to be completed in a short time frame, add color to the room, and keep a downtown industrial look. So, she decided to go with a silhouette of the skyline of Riverfront Park with a colorful sunset kind of sky. Naturally, she needed to find photos as resources for the desired image. Look what she found!

Postcards, internet images, magazine ads... all of this provides inspiration and gets the creative juices flowing!

Peggy shared her thought process, "My original plan was to have a layered silhouette with various elements from the park. That was going to be too time consuming, so I decided to go with a simple clock tower and pavilion silhouette with a colorful sky using peach, gold and purple. I found a view of the park I liked and a sky with color and movement."

As it turns out, the location of the mural changed from the magnetic board wall to an open wall. Even better! The entire mural will be seen now!! LET'S GET STARTED!

Peggy got started right away.

DAY ONE: Peggy arrived and was greeted by Mark Peterson and the Extreme Design team! She got right to work drawing her grid system, sketching in the silhouette of the park, taping out the silhouette area, mixing her paint colors and painting the sky as well as the sky reflection in the river! This woman doesn't mess around!


This is how Peggy tackles a mural - no matter the size - grid style!

DAY TWO: Getting straight to work she pulled the tape, painted in the silhouette area and made some adjustments to the sky. DONE! She packed up her things and left the area better than she found it!

Day two is under way!

DONE! A personalized addition to a business that gives so much to our community!

The fulfillment of improving one's work/home environment with a talent we sometimes take for granted is hard to put into words. At this time of Thanksgiving we count our blessings and rejoice that we can share with others and brighten their day through art and design.

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  • Kim Smith